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CAS International Research Travel Grant (SUSPENDED until further notice)

Welcome to the online application for the CAS International Research Travel Grants for tenure-track faculty. Before you start filling out the online form, you should have your Duck ID and password ready for log in. Please note: We are not accepting applications for Spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation.

Once you are logged in, you can access the application form by clicking on "International Research Travel Grants Application."



Requests for matching support of up to $1,000 for international research travel from tenure-track faculty will be considered by the Dean in the context of the following elements:

1.      Access to required research materials or locations

a.       priority will be given to applicants whose research requires access to materials or locations outside of the United States

b.       conference travel will be considered only in the absence of applications for research materials/locations trips

c.      applicants whose research sometimes entails the need for access to materials or locations outside the US are also eligible to apply

2.      CAS will support only one trip per calendar year. Applications are not limited to the term of application, but must take place within 1 year of the term of application. Example: Fall 2017 application awarded, and award travel must be complete by end of Fall 2018 term.

3.      Applicants must explain why balances in their current research account(s) are not sufficient to fund their requested expenditure.


Please consult in advance with the divisional dean for your division if you would like advice and suggestions.

Humanities, Harry Wonham
Natural Sciences, Hal Sadofsky
Social Sciences, Philip Scher



1. Proposals should be NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS. All uploaded documents must be in .pdf format.  Proposals should:

a. describe the project and explain the budget

b. outline the project’s potential value to your research and discipline

c. indicate resources already committed to the project, and if applicable, explain why balances in current research account(s) are not sufficient to fund requested expenditure

d. list your contact information and the department that will manage the grant.

2. All proposals should be accompanied by a brief statement of endorsement, including a statement of supporting financial commitment by the appropriate supervisor.

3. Upload budget.

4. Be sure to complete all the budget components of the online application form.

Questions about the online form should be directed to Leah Foy (541-346-4158,

Deadline: The CAS International Research Travel Grants are SUSPENDED until further notice due to the COVID-19 disruption and its financial impacts.

Notification: Results will be announced by the end of each term.