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CAS Program Grants (SUSPENDED until further notice)

Welcome to the online application for the CAS Program Grants. Before you start filling out the online form, you should have your Duck ID and password ready for log in. Once you are logged in, you can access the application form by clicking on "Program Grants Application."
The College of Arts and Sciences Program Grants offer competitive funding to support faculty initiatives in research and scholarship, to assist faculty and programs in making those endeavors visible both regionally and nationally, to attract and retain outstanding faculty, and to involve both undergraduate and graduate students in our instructional and research programs. Ideally, these grants should be for the academic year in which they are submitted or, in the case of spring submissions, may also be for the following academic year.
These awards, generally in the range of $1,000 to $6,000, are meant to augment funding from other sources (both internal and external) for visible, distinctive projects. Awards are not intended to support individual research projects or to replace funding typically available from the usual granting agencies and foundations. Interdisciplinary initiatives are encouraged. Projects funded in the past include:
  • Conferences, workshops, symposia
  • Visiting speakers series (rather than individual speakers)
  • Special events linked to curriculum or program development
Other significant research, teaching, or outreach activities may also receive funding.
Proposals are evaluated on the criteria listed below. While the College privileges areas where opportunities for external support are low, all areas are eligible for awards.
1. Academic quality and distinctiveness
2. Extent of impact on UO research excellence
3. Extent of impact on UO teaching excellence
4. Breadth of external and UO faculty participation
5. Impact on regional, national, and/or international visibility
6. Extent of undergraduate and/or graduate student participation
7. Amount of resources already committed by participating programs/departments (typically at least half, but this is not required for consideration)
8. Opportunities for future success including external funding or academic program development, as appropriate to the topic.
9. The project has received no prior funding from the CAS Grant Program (recurring programs should be funded through another source).
Please consult in advance with the divisional dean for your division if you would like advice and suggestions:
Humanities, Harry Wonham
Natural Sciences, Hal Sadofsky
Social Sciences, Philip Scher

1.   Proposals should be NO MORE THAN 1000 WORDS. All uploaded documents must be in .pdf format. Proposals should:

a.   describe the project and explain the budget
b.   outline the project’s potential value based on the stated criteria
c.    list key participants
d.   indicate resources already committed to the project
e.   list faculty contact names and the department that will manage the grant.

  1. All proposals should be accompanied by one or more brief letters of endorsement, including a statement of supporting financial commitments by the appropriate department(s) or program head(s) or other internal and external units. 
  2. Upload detailed budget if appropriate.
  3. Be sure to complete the budget components of the online application form.
Questions about the online form should be directed to Leah Foy (541-346-4158,
Deadline: The CAS Program Grants are suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 disruption and its financial impacts. 
Notification: Results will be announced by the end of each term.