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Unit Contributions to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Academic Years: 
1. Faculty: 

The Classics Department comprises five tenure-related faculty members and two senior instructors, of whom three are women and four are men. Christina Calhoon is currently working on a paper about transgender warriors in Classical and Indian tradition: Caeneus and Sikhandin. Lowell Bowditch has most recently paricipated in a conference on queer translation, in which she present on Catullus' translation of Sappho. Eckerman has written on the challenging Cologne epode of Archilochus. Wilson's most recent research has concerned the sex roles in animal life and reproduction.

2. Staff: 

Our two office staff are Carol Kleinheksel and Heidi Gese

3. Graduate Programs: 

The Classics Department has an M.A. program focused on preparing students to teach Latin in high school and providing supplementary training for students going on to Ph.D. programs. The Classics graduate program now has a minority of women (1 of 4).

4. Undergraduate Programs: 

David Chamberlain and Chris Eckerman got the CLAS 201 placed in the list of classes qualifying for "international culture" credit. We will do the same shortly with CLAS 202. We have expanded the teaching of ancient myth (CLAS 110), a course that introduces students to diverse ways of thinking about the cosmos, gods, and gender issues among humans. Students receive identity, pluralism, and tolerance credit for
it. Christina Calhoon and Chris Eckerman teach courses on Greece and India and Greece and China. Christina Calhoon just recently taught LAT 411/511 ("Dream of Scipio + Aeneid book 6) also included readings in English translation from the Upanishads and selections from the Bhaghavad Gita.

5. Outreach and Partnerships: 

Mary Jaeger and Malcolm Wilson participated in the SAIL program, which brings local high schools from challenging background to the UO for a week-long program. This was a huge time commitment. In events, Bowditch arranged a talk by Denise McCoskey on Race and Antiquity. In February 2019 Sharon James of UNC will come to talk about women in Latin elegiac poetry.

3. Community Service and Outreach: 

We sponsor regular diversity related talks through the AIA at the Eugene Public Library downtown.

4. Professional Development and Training: 
Staff have been introduced to implicit bias and will participate in training and conversations as they become available on campus.