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Unit Contributions to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion 6561

Academic Years: 
Romance Languages
1. University Service: 

The RL Office Manager serves as Treasurer of the Latinx Strategy Group.
She was a member of the "Faculty and Staff of Color" group that later morphed into CODAC. She recently cycled off from serving on the FAC for four years. RL staff serves regularly on search committees for OA and Classified positions across campus.

2. Departmental Contributions: 

In addition to the office manager, the department has two office staff members. Both are UO graduates, one with a BA in Anthropology, the other with a degree in International Studies and a minor in conflict resolution.  Both are proactive in assuring students and faculty from underrepresented groups are well served and made to feel welcome in the office. The entire staff (OA and Classified) are aware of the university's mission to diversify the student and faculty population and endeavor to meet the goal through their level of service and clear communication in all situations.