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Unit Contributions to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion 6479

Academic Years: 
Environmental Studies
Social Sciences
1. Faculty: 

In 2015-16 we were very successful at hiring TTFs so as to diversity our faculty in terms of race/ethnicity and gender. Two of our new faculty members received UMRP funds from the Provost's office. Each was assigned a faculty mentor. We are conducting two TTF searches this year (one with Philosophy and one with the History of Arts and Architecture), and we have organized the process to meet best practices for recruiting faculty from a diversity of backgrounds.

2. Staff: 

Diversity is an important consideration in our decisions on hiring staff. Our staff members come from a diversity of backgrounds. We are thoughtful about creating a work environment that is sensitive to diversity and promotes inclusion.

3. Graduate Programs: 

Considerations of diversity are an important part of our graduate admissions decisions. Our graduate student body is diverse in terms of race/ethnicity, gender, and nationality.

4. Undergraduate Programs: 

We have scholarships for undergraduates that aim to promote diversity.
We make efforts to recruit students from a diversity of backgrounds to our majors.
Our Environmental Leadership Program works to make connections to community partners in a manner that promotes diversity and inclusion.
ENVS has taken part in the SAIL program, which promotes the recruitment of first generation college students.

5. Outreach and Partnerships: 

Two of our faculty members work with Native American tribes.
We aim to recruit guest speakers from a diversity of backgrounds.

6. Other: 

We received a Faculty Diversity Grant from CAS to help us increase faculty awareness of organizations working with communities of color in our region and to promote faculty research collaborations with these organizations. We used these funds to have a workshop on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at our Fall Faculty Retreat. We are organizing a number of other workshops and guest speakers for our faculty on similar topics over the next two years.